Why Does Web Design & Color Usage Matter?4 min read

Why Does Web Design & Color Usage Matter?

When you own a website, your goal is to attract visitors and make them stay in order to impart as much information that you can. This is what a good website design agency excels at.

It doesn’t matter if you are a pioneer in the industry – without having a great web design that allows information to flow from your site to your audience efficiently, you will quickly lose an audience to your competitor. Great design allows you to build immediate trust between you and your audience and entice him to take the course of action that you laid out.

What would a great website company do for you in order to achieve that goal? Here is what they are going to offer:


Establish Visual Control

The first thing that a website engages in a user is his sense of sight. All people scan pages the same way, which is from left to right, whether they are reading text or looking at pictures. That alone gives you the idea of where images and texts should be placed according to their hierarchy of importance and helps web designers plan a site’s layout.

Wix Create Website

This is how your eyes move on a website image source

A great website design agency does not only take advantage of reading patterns when it comes to deciding how content should be placed on a site – it also considers the elements of space and even applying minimalist styles in order to capture an audience’s attention. Bombarding a user with information on every possible space available promotes user stress and will immediately prompt the user to navigate away from the website. This is the reason why intelligent web designs allow visual breaks in order to make the user feel that the content on the website is organized.

Great web design also makes users feel that your website has all the information they need and that they do not need to go to another website to find out more about your niche. By using consistent patterns and having an intuitive design, your customers will feel that they can navigate through your website with ease, even if they are not tech savvy.

Use large fonts to capture attention.

Use large fonts to capture attention. image source

If you want to set the tone of your writing even before your audience gets to a big chunk of text, using the right type of fonts and font size will help. Large fonts does the trick of capturing attention, while smaller fonts make people think that the text is an aside. Serif fonts will make your audience feel that you are an authority in your niche, which is why this type of font is commonly used by news websites. Comic Sans, on the other hand, leave the impression that the website is created by children, for kids.

KLM Zoekt C. Sans

This was KLM’s joke on April Fools image source

Judging on this website’s typography, do you think that it is safe to enter your credit card information when checking out? No user would think so.

The Importance of Color

The types of colors that a website design agency may use for their clients can make or break a brand. While most companies have established colors that tells their visual identity, how these colors are applied affects what visitors think or feel when they visit their websites.

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This web template would fit a bitcoin mining company. image source


Cooler colors, such as purple and blue, can make your site visitors think that you are a professional, meticulous, and calculating. However, they may also think that your organization can be cold and may think that they are not going to get friendly customer service while on your website. Use of warm colors such as yellow and red, on the other hand, promotes passion and creativity. Do watch out on the frequency of your warm colors – they may also convey stress or anger.


The use of red makes this food site look energetic image source


Your Website Design Agency Should be a Master of Psychology

The proper combination of colors, typography, layout, and spacing can actually be enough to make a visitor believe that your website is purposeful and that you are willing to give your time of the day to help him with everything that he needs. More importantly, good design also makes people know that your website is secure and safe to use.

How a website design agency chooses to incorporate design elements reveals its understanding of what a brand has to offer and how you should send a strong message to people that is not aware of your name yet. By having a web design that works for a great user experience, you will be able to effectively communicate your brand story and invite people to spread the word about you.

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