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Magento is one of the most robust e-commerce platforms that powers over 21% of the websites that are live on the internet today. Chosen by major brands like Burger King, Nike, and Huawei because it is one of the e-commerce platforms that allows flexibility and open source customization. If you know how to code, you can incorporate features from a Marketplace that has thousands of plugins and extensions. You can also create your own features even if you do not know any programming language, or with the help of an experienced Magento web development company. This makes Magento a great choice for those that want to create a website that can highlight their unique branding and customize their UI/UX on the fly.

Of course, there’s always the option to build a website straight from a template – Magento offers a drag-and-drop website building option in order for users to design their own websites without having to know a line of code. However, there are several benefits to creating a custom website, especially if you want to leave a mark in your industry.

Understand What Customers Truly Need

Templates will help you launch a store in a short amount of time, but if you want to grow your business and expand your inventory, pre-designed websites and outdated templates may not give your customers a good user experience.

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A Magento web development company can help you turn you old site into a modern and responsive one. Image source

If you are not familiar with Magento but you want to migrate to this platform in order to get more UX options, hiring a Magento web development company to customize your website can help you understand what your customers are truly looking for when they shop and improve your website to cater to their needs. If your website needs an updating from Magento 1 or if you want your website to seamlessly adapt to the user’s screen without having to dismantle your own site, you can count on a Magento web development company to turn an old desktop-only interface into a fully responsive design that will work on any device without having to purchase a different template.

You can customize your site’s user experience and pay more attention to the actions that they want to do and exceed what they can expect from an online shop. For example, you can enable customers to create their own version of your product and have it shipped to them right on your website. By having a flexible website that allows you to be creative, you can leave a mark in the market by defying traditions of selling and simply working on ideas that truly pique your target market’s interest.

What makes Magento great is that you can keep on changing the module that you are already using in order to add another feature to your website’s UX through its intuitive admin panel. If you are unsure which features will work with your current site, you can always ask Magento’s wide community of experts.

Create a Website that Showcases Your Brand

It doesn’t even take a second for a website visitor to judge your website. How your website looks will influence any potential buyer into doing any action on your website. If your website does not inspire your customer to buy or provide information that can help site visitors to make informed decisions, then what good does it do?

Magento is great for every business that is not only looking for ways to make their website stand out, but is also a perfect platform to provide good customer experience that is customized to their needs. This means that you can have the peace of mind that you will not have a cookie-cutter website and have leverage from dime-a-dozen shops that are all created from proprietary themes.

You also have the ability to spread the word about you and help potential customers find you easier on social media and search engines in Magento – you can add a blogging and social media extensions to your site in order to create articles and blog entries that site visitors can read and share. That doesn’t only help you tell your site visitors more information about your products but also encourage them to share your content and spread the word about you.

Push Your Products and Encourage Order Completion

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Make shopping more efficient for your users by adding extensions like this. Image source

A well-designed search feature on your website will not only help your customers find the product that they intend to purchase, but also let them know which other products they would need. Not only would you know which products are usually searched for on your site, you will also have the ability to make suggestions to your users and upsell or cross-sell a different industry.

Abandoned carts can also be a thing of the past – you can use a Magento extension that will remind customers that they have not completed their order and ask if there’s anything you can do to help them find the items that they need. This doesn’t only send your customers the impression that you are willing to go the extra mile for them, but also know how you can improve your service and make changes to your site in order to make your customers complete their purchase more easily.

Features From a Magento Web Development Company Can Help You With the Backend

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Make your website handle all the tasks that you need to do to save time and money. Image source

Customizing your website for it to work with the way you handle your business is very crucial – this is where you can cut costs in running different systems by making them more efficient. Experienced companies that are experts in integrating ERP (Enterprise resource planning) can allow you to develop a website that already works with your back office operations. This means that instead of having to invest in different e-commerce, CRM, and accounting software and personnel, you can just integrate all of these into your website. This cuts the time and cost of having too many systems to check. This allows you to scale your operations easily by automating certain processes.

The Takeaway

Custom website development is something that you should always anticipate, especially if you are looking forward to scaling your business. Magento can be a perfect platform for you if you are looking to make a website that will always remain flexible for your needs, thanks to its malleable architecture and wide marketplace. If you do not know where your website customization should begin, or if you have an idea but you need a hand on executing it, you can always count on an expert Magento web development company to create the website that meets your demands.

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