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    User Experience Design for a Better Customer Journey

    Understanding how visitors interact on your webpages can lead to improved web designs. Being a UX design agency we use analysis tools like A/B testing and heat mapping to gather data and develop efficient interface elements that ensure task completion and customer satisfaction on your site. Knowing what motivates a visitor to download a case study or join your email list is what we do for a living. If you are building a new website and no data is available, we can help with UX analysis and best practices to create an enjoyable user experience, improve your SEO, and ultimately convert visitors.

    The Power of Analysis to drive conversions

    Measuring how your users interact with a website or applications is called “user experience analysis.” There are a variety of tools that we use as a UX design agency and growth-focused team, including A/B testing, heat mapping, and market research to analyze and improve your customers’ experience. For example, testing a download button’s look, color, and text in a controlled A/B test environment will provide information on the best elements to engage customers on your website. Keeping visitors engaged on your website longer and reducing bounce rates will improve your customers’ experience, create leads, and convert them into customers or better CRO (conversion rate optimization).

    UX Best Practices built into every design

    Learning how to improve your visitors’ journey through analysis is just the beginning of the UX design agency process. Once data is gathered and the results are in, the user experience designers begin looking at element options, navigation, responsiveness, and other considerations to give your visitors the best experience possible. All experience design projects include web design best practices that are specifically designed to meet your business goals and customers’ needs. By making your customer journey truly an enjoyable one, they will spend more time interacting with your business, refer others to your site, and lead to more conversions.

    Achieve Success through Innovation and Marketing in 3 Easy Steps


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    Successfully marketed businesses start with a plan. Based on our phone conversation, we’ll give you a roadmap with steps towards a new and improved website to get and engage more customers.


    score more customers

    The sooner your website opens for business, the sooner you’ll begin to reap the rewards of improved innovation and effective marketing that will attract more visitors and increase revenue.

    The BeVirtual Commitment

    When you’re ready to build a strong online presence to reach your goals, BeVirtual is here to help you. With our expertise and your drive, you’ll conquer the online world in no time. It’s our commitment to you.

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