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09 Lead Generation For Pest Control Websites

job Of Attraction

Your website should do the job of attracting customers. Image source

If you have a pest control website, one of the things that you need it to do is to generate new leads. Knowing more about potential customers and how you can offer them pest control solutions is the only way that your business can grow.

Here’s a fun fact: 91% of today’s customers visit a store because of an online experience. This leads to another interesting statistic: 68% of consumers that do local searches on their mobile devices visits a store within the day, and about half them makes a purchase. That means that if a small business has a website that can put customers into the right direction it can really make a killing just from the attention that they are getting online.

Is your pest control website generating you the leads that turn into conversion? If not, you will need to take a hard look at how your website works. Here are the things that you need consider:

Have a mobile-friendly pest control website

Mobile Friendly

Without a mobile-friendly site, your chances are slim. Image source

Check if your website works well on your smartphone. If not, then you need to quickly work on making your website responsive – your target market is likely to be on a mobile device when conducting a search. It is also worth taking note that websites that are optimized for mobile use tend to rank higher in search results, which makes your pest control website easier to find for those that don’t know your brand yet.

Make your contact details visible


See to it that potential customers know how to reach you. Image source

Make it a point to make your website visitors know that you are available to answer all their questions. You can have a sticky menu that shows your mobile number and email address. If your website visitor has an urgent need for your services, they would rather give you a call right away rather than wait for you to respond via email.

See to it that your forms are easy to fill up

JD Contact Me

Simple forms are likely to get filled up. Image source

You’ll never know when a potential customer wants to ask you a question while navigating your website. Make it a point to have an easy-access link on all your pages that will lead them to your inquiry form. Make sure that all form boxes are big enough for mobile users to easily fill them up.

Write a content that your target audience loves to read


This immediately tells potential customers that Dominion can take care of their pest control problem. Image source

A good pest control website discusses how the brand’s products and services can solve problems that they customers may have. This will let your customers know that you have the type of solution that they are looking for and why you should be their top pick. At the same time, you have to let your customers know that within the shortest amount of time – if potential customers can’t figure out why they should choose you, then they’ll hit the Back button and head over to your competitor’s site.

Use custom images

Pest Control Service

Stock photos make people think you are going through the motions. Image source

Generic images from stock photo sites are bland and they tell prospective clients that you have no documentation of what you do. Instead of relying on stock photos, get creative and create your own image set for your pest control website. Take a photo of your staff, or better yet, take some photos of your exterminating team in action.

Make your website easy on the eyes

Swarm Pest Control

White space makes your website easy to navigate and navigation-friendly. Image source

A bad pest control website is cluttered, as if the web designer is trying to cram everything on the home page or has the intention of forcing the user’s eyes to look at everything within the page. Remember that if your website doesn’t look good to the point that it strains the user’s eyes, then you are not going to get any leads.

If you want to share information to potential customers, organize your content – you can choose to use boxes to serve as compartments for your texts or your images. Use white space around your call to action for it to gain the attention that it needs. Lastly, do not use too many elements near your contact details and forms – you need your users to easily spot them.

The Takeaway

Getting the leads that you need from your website is not rocket science – all you need to do is to optimize your website for your users and allow them to easily find the information that they need or to contact you if they have any questions. By constructing a website with your customers in mind, you will get the extra revenue that you are gunning for.

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