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If you are gunning for a customized Shopify website so you can make sure that you get all the features that you want for better user experiences and have a unique look, then you might have thought of hiring Shopify web designers. In fact, you might have looked at the list of Shopify Experts already. However, you may feel that you need to hold off from hiring one – you have not anticipated that getting a designer will cost more than a thousand dollars.

Those who are new in the online shopping venture may find it hard to believe that design actually costs money. True, you are always free to use free themes on Shopify, but they do not always come with the features that you want in your website. At the same time, it is not advisable to skimp on user experience – you do not want to deny your customers the ability to shop for your products without the hassle of having to stare at unorganized layout, hard-to-navigate interface, and low-resolution photos. In fact, users that find your website to be unpleasant are likely to shop instead on your competitor’s site instead.

Design is One of the Most Important Investments You Should Make

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If you do not have any of these, then hire Shopify web designers. Image source

Your Shopify website should be a reflection of who you are as a brand online, and a poor design is often a reflection of bad service. Your goal is to establish trust between your brand and your customers, and if your shop’s design tells people that they shouldn’t even dare leave their credit card details on your store, then you are not likely to make any money. Keep in mind that it would take less than a second for customers to judge your shop and make a snap decision on whether they should support your business or not.

How Much Should You Pay for Shopify Web Designers?

A basic Shopify website will cost you $600 minimum, and that should suffice if:

  • You are content with the features and design that come with the free theme
  • You know how to code and manually add interface features yourself
  • You have the right design skills and you know how exactly your website should look
  • You have the time to spend improving your website’s design

If you think that a free theme wouldn’t work well for the type of store that you want to create and you do not have the time and the means to design or code, then it makes sense to hire a designer.

More experienced designers may charge more, but they do better jobs than amateurs. Image source

How much are you going to spend when you hire a designer to work on your site? It will all depend on the two important things:

  • The time you require the designer to finish your site
  • The amount of work that you require the designer to put into your design

For example, if you want your Shopify site built from scratch and you want it done as soon as possible, you would need to pay for the coding, images, layout, plus the rush fee that the designer may charge you. Since you would definitely want someone experienced to work on your design, you are also paying for the level of expertise the designer has, plus the amount of decision-making that you need the designer to do for you. If you need to deviate from your agreed plan and ask Shopify web designers to make revisions, there will also be an additional cost for that.

How much budget should you allot for design? Depending on the amount of work and the turnaround time that you will impose on the project, you may pay as little as $500 to more than $10,000. Again, that will be a case-to-case basis.

Are You Going to Afford It?

Graphic Design
Set realistic expectations on the output that you will get based on your demands and budget. Image source

A lot of business owners think that design should not be worth that much and

It would depend on how much you need the services of the Shopify web designers – if good design matters a lot to you, then you will be willing to factor that into your budget. You will also realize that designers cannot do instant magic for your Shopify site – if you want a great design, you will have to give your hired designers some time to brainstorm based on all the information that you provide them about your business.

The more important question is this: are you going to spend for something that you need if you can get it at the most convenient way possible? Even if you actually know how to design, you wouldn’t to spend time working on your own website instead of running your business and start earning from your products.

Is great design worth your money? Absolutely. After all, your shop’s look will be the first and lasting impression that your customers will get from you.

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