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08 How Can Shopify Setup Experts Help You

Hire The Help you Need

When something goes wrong, hire the help you need. Image source

You might have noticed that you can create an online store in Shopify and simply grab a theme from their store. However, there are times wherein you simply cannot create the store that you have in mind using free themes. Most of the time, Shopify storeowners realize that they need to work on their store once they realize that there is something wrong.

Shopify is a strong platform that provides you almost everything that you need, including the code that you can tweak in order to get the results that you want. However, there will be a point wherein you will need to call for a Shopify setup expert to help you make things work.

Who is a Shopify Setup Expert?

Shopify Experts

Shopify experts can help you build the right store at the right price Image source

Shopify setup experts are third-party providers that offer help in putting up your store using Shopify. They are e-commerce experts that know how your store can actually profit, whether it is your first time to try putting up an online shop or migrating an existing store to Shopify.

Shopify setup experts can assist you with the following:

  • selecting a theme that can work for the type of online store that you have in mind
  • setting up your entire store’s structure, including navigation and your home page
  • importing, uploading, and/or organizing your product photos, product details, and pricing
  • configuring your shop’s payment methods
  • configuring your shop’s domain
  • training you or your personnel everything that you need to know when it comes to maintaining and operating your store

Not everyone can call themselves a Shopify Expert, even though they have years of experience handling online stores. To become a certified Expert, one needs to pass Shopify’s criteria of excellence and then be included into the platform’s official list of vendors. Not all web designers or developers that has Shopify skills meet the mark or opt to be included in this list.

When Do You Call Shopify Setup Experts?

If you have a small business, you might find the idea of having someone else to do the work of Shopify an unnecessary expense and think that you can do the job yourself. However, there are many instances wherein calling an expert once you have decided to build a store can save you a lot of time and money in the process. Most storeowners that opted to hire an Expert right away consider getting their services a necessary investment that lead them to getting the profit that they want.

You’re trying to beat a deadline


You need to launch your store to stop losing money. Image source

If you have a target launch date your Shopify store is still not up, then you may need to contact an expert right away. Shopify setup experts can provide you an estimate of the time needed to put up your store with all the elements that you need and even offer suggestions in order for you to launch your store within your ideal timeframe. They can save you a lot of time, especially if you want to upload tons of products into your shop.

You’re not sure about what you want

Shopify’s robust platform can lead to analysis paralysis, and there are too many storeowners that end up drawing a blank because there are just too many options available. If this is the first time you are launching a store, consulting with a Shopify setup expert can save you from the mistake of putting distracting elements into your store or making it too bare to the point that it becomes uninteresting to potential customers.

Shopify experts can draw from their years of experience handling online stores and provide insight on how your store can attract your target audience and convert them into actual customers. They can come up with the right theme and layout to make sure that your customers can easily find your products. More importantly, they can help make sure that your customers won’t have a hard time paying for their orders.

You think that something is broken

Shopify Problems

Errors can cause panic and loss of profit. Image source

Because Shopify is so customizable, many storeowners try to add bells and whistles to their online store during setup only to find that they are having functionality issues. You may find out that your store has become too complex to the point that it is almost impossible for anyone to proceed to checkout, or your store has turned into an incomprehensible mess and you absolutely have no idea how you can fix it.

When this happens, you absolutely need help from Shopify setup experts to assess the situation and start fixing the problem. You definitely cannot afford to do trial-and-error on your store especially if you are determined to profit from it – Shopify Experts are likely to know what exactly happened and get your store running faster than it would take you to retrace your steps and find an actual solution to a setup issue.

You want to make sure that you’ll have a working strategy

Shopify setup experts are there to help you make sure that you’ll have everything you need to start running your business online. They can set up your store and install the right marketing apps to attract more traffic that you can convert into actual customers and ensure that the products that you want to move gets into their carts. They can also help you setup keywords in your product and store description to help your target audience find you faster in search engines.

The Takeaway

As a business owner, you should be focused on how you can make money out of your inventory. If you want to focus on running your business and you want your store to be up as soon as possible and ensure that all necessary elements are there, hiring Shopify setup experts is the right decision to make.

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