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06 Driving Traffic to Your Salon Website and Store

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you have an employee that works 24/7 that requires no pay, but does an awesome job of selling your products and enticing new customers to book an appointment with your salon? If you think that the world will be a better place if you have that kind of worker under your wing, then you need to think that your salon website can actually be your super employee that does all the marketing for you even while you’re asleep.

Most of your potential customers are online and are welcoming suggestions from search engine results when it comes to finding where they should get their hair and makeup done. If you design your website the right way, it can put you in a position wherein people see you as an expert in your industry. When people think that you are the best, you will see more people flock through your door and the next thing you know, you’re thinking about expanding.

What Drives Traffic to a Salon Website?

Your goal is to make sure that your website does the job of providing potential customers the right information about your brand and giving them the direction that you are offering the service that they need. In short, your website should make life easier for you and your customers.

How will you know if your website is built to perform the way you want it to? It should have the following qualities:

Mobile Responsiveness

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If your website is not responsive yet, you are losing the traffic that you can easily convert. Image source

As of 2017, smart phone users account for about 50% of web page views. If you can tap a good percentage of those users, or at least get the attention of all the local smart phone and tablet users in your area, then you can generate a lot of traffic that can convert into actual customers from these users alone. Take note that most mobile users that visit your salon are more likely to physically go to your establishment and pay for your services within the same day.

The only way that you can attract mobile users is to create a website that looks good and functions well on all types of screen. Invest in responsive design and layout your website in such a way that mobile users won’t find it hard to find all important details, such as your business location, your contact information, and your operation hours.

Content that provides solutions

When you write content for your website, you should be able to tell them that you are offering the solution to their hair and makeup woes. For this reason, you need an insight on how they search online and make sure that you are incorporating the keywords that they are using when they search for businesses like yours.

This means that you should be able to know how exactly your target customers are searching online. For example, your target customers are probably searching on Google using the search terms “affordable salon in (your location)”. If you can write content that includes these keywords, then you increase the chances of getting found on top of search results for this phrase.

Seamless Website Design with a Strong Call to Action

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You have the power to make your customers do the necessary actions while on your website. Image source

Your salon website should do the job of representing your brand online – your website should be designed in such a way that people could immediately see your personality as a business and your expertise. Since your website is your online ambassador, it should be designed in such a way that users will easily navigate it and find all types of salon services that you are offering, your current promotions, and your contact details. At the same time, it should also inspire your audience to avail your services as soon as they can.

If your website looks interesting and showcases the latest trends in hair and makeup as well as other information that your target customers are looking for, it will also have the ability to convert website visitors into paying customers. When you think about it, people who visit websites often follow instructions – if you have a button that has a call-to-action such as Book Now or Contact Us, your website users are likely to tap that button. After all, the rest of your website gave them a compelling reason why they should be performing that action.

Remember That Your Salon Website is Always a Work in Progress

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Do not be afraid to redesign your website if it is no longer working for you. Image source

As long as fashion and hair trends change, you should always make it a point that your website is adaptable to those changes. Keep in mind that your website design is not going to be permanent, which means that you should also be on the lookout on changing search and user patterns of your target customers. As long as you adapt to your target customers’ needs, you can have the guarantee that you will always have a healthy website traffic that will bring in the profit. If your website design is no longer holding your target market’s interest, then you may consider redesigning your site.

Is there an easier way to do this? This is where experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website design for your niche comes in. Hiring expert salon website designers will make it easier to keep your website updated and current while you focus on how you run your business.

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