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Magento Features

Magento gives you all the features that you want in an online store. Image source

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows full customization, which can give you an advantage when it comes to making your brand stand out from the crowd. With thousands of extensions and plugins available, this platform gives you the freedom to create a user experience that will allow your future customers to easily navigate through your site and purchase with ease.

Here are some of the brands that took advantage of Magento’s flexibility and created stunning websites that bring in profit and traffic.

1.    Acer


Acer’s design shines with great storytelling, without neglecting the tech. Image source

Acer’s website is extremely easy to navigate, and it helps that its dropdown menus help users immediately connect computer user to its products. Its interface is neat and uncluttered, despite the use of large images. What makes this Magento website design great is that it focuses on a user’s story – it focuses on how the brand is used by ordinary people while explaining product features.

2.    Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen’s website is a complex project – it caters to numerous regions, available in different languages, and makes use of WordPress and Salesforce for content management.

3.    Intelligentsia


This Magento web design is a great combination of both B2C and B2B experience, which allowed this company to get away from the hassle of having to double their backend work and have to set up two separate websites that will serve two different markets. The user interface is also sleek and extremely easy to use, which allows customers to place orders and configure what they already have in their carts without having to migrate from one screen to another. What makes the entire design extremely useful is that it works with the brand’s complex inventory and catalog.  The website has the ability to allow customers to order different coffee varieties and choose among numerous grind settings, as well as manage discounts based on order size, determine who the resellers are, and still be efficient on offering seasonal products and promos.

4.    Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Marie Claire made it possible to merge more than 300 stores and 4 brands into a single website, which is a daunting project back in 2015. The effort paid off, as the brand was able to turn all their brick-and-mortar shops into components of an omnichannel user experience. The site made use of a custom ERP system that allowed the business to integrate all their inventory and pricing details in each store and offer shipping and fulfillment for all their customers.

5.    Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club

This Magento website design is beefed up with sumptuous images, witty copy, and user-friendly navigation, which does the trick of getting any new site visitor to sign up. However, the real magic happens in the backend – this brand was able to integrate all their individual sites per region into a single website that handles all the orders that pours in from 5 regions. Since Carnivore Club specializes in custom meat orders, Magento made it possible for customers to enjoy a fully customizable checkout process – customers have the option to indicate how many times they want to receive deliveries in a month, arrange for gift orders, and even add upselling.

6.    Steelcase


Steelcase’s website has a simple and clean frontend, which is fit for the modern and sleek look that a brand like this would need. It is extremely easy to navigate, and their catalogue is designed to inspire future customers to build the type of office space that works for their sense of aesthetics and demand for function.

On the backend, this e-commerce site allowed Steelcase to deal with individual customers and still cater to major establishments that looks to furnish entire buildings. Since Steelcase offers 25 quadrillion SKUs, it makes sense that they use a platform that will allow them to fit all these products without having to sacrifice speed and functionality on their site, without having to redirect customers to too many related sites that holds the inventory they need. The result is the merging of more than 1000 custom sites, thanks to Magento Commerce.

7.    Redsea


Redsea.com is an innovation to the field of commerce in the Middle East. As a brand that serves as an exclusive distributor of major electronic brands into the region, their launch of their website in 2017, which allowed them to sell to both customers and businesses. Magento proved to be the right platform for them, which allowed them to make use of color-coded zones to make it easy for consumers to navigate through their stores. Intelligent search for both English and Arabic languages also allowed customers to search for items with ease. Putting items in the cart is also easier, thanks to the click-and-collect module integrated in their store.

8.    Injinji


Injinji’s design is extremely pleasurable to the eyes – animated high-quality images on the home page brings the users eyes to the brand’s main feature, which is the five-toe sock that made them famous. The site’s speed and intuitive navigation makes it possible for any user to find products fast by organizing their catalog according to function, weight, height, and price. The site used Magento 2, which made it possible for them to tap interactivity and make the entire site responsiveness.

9.    Just for Men

Just for Men

Just for Men made its name for introducing its target market to hair coloring. They really made a big step when they decided to create a website that will target retail consumers by offering a shopping experience tailored to individual customer needs.

This website provides everything that a customer needs – complete information and instruction on how each product works, with high-quality photos. They even offer a subscription service complete with deliveries. This is great customer service, and a great strategy to have a continuous stream of profit.

10.    Vink VTS

Vink VTS

Vink VTS is within an industry that is peppered with dated websites, and with this brand’s use of a custom Magento web design, they definitely stand out from the rest of their competitors. Their website is extremely agile and works with their decentralized business model. How does this translate to great user experience? The streamline design does not only help customers place their orders with ease, but also helps them easily track their orders and find the nearest shops that can fulfill their orders.

11.    Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

Christianlouboutin.com is a big improvement from its previous e-commerce website – with the use of Magento, the new website has become minimalist, focusing the website visitor’s eyes to the product. The interactive site also allows the users to scroll until the end of the page without having to deal with any lag during scrolling.

12.    Wrangler


Wrangler is an e-commerce site that supports multiple languages and regions, allowing this international brand to use a single website to cater to every customer they have across the globe. They have made good use of their landing page to catch the user’s attention to their current feature.

13.    Mr. Price Group

Mr. Price Group

Magento commerce made it possible for Mr. Price Group to integrate its webstores with its brick and mortar stores in order for customers to simply click and collect items and then pay with them with ease, thanks to their mobile money wallet features, which allow customers to link their mobile number to their payment system. Magento also made it possible for users to be able to enjoy a single codebase that will allow them to navigate all the main divisions of the brand and still enjoy great user experience.

14.    Haarshop


Haarshop offers more than 14,000 products on their online shop, and they wanted to grow their online business – they did so by upgrading their website and migrating to Magento. When they upgraded their website, they made it possible for customers to quickly find products with their efficient filtering system. The shop’s My Account allows the customers to store the items that they selected and then get back to them the next time they visit their online store, which drastically reduced lost sales.

15.    Photospecialist


Photospecialist made a clean and very user-friendly website with the use of responsive Magento templates, which made it possible for customers to enjoy the website in any device. They also made it possible for their website to have maximum exposure – they used extensions such as Follow-Up Mail, Blog, and Mailplus in order to reach their target more effectively. To enjoy more leads, they also made use of Adforms. With the use of a good ERP, the website is able to create great opportunities to make sales by being able to communicate with every potential customers and provide them promotions. Thanks to their omnichannel site that targeted mobile consumers, they were able to reach customers faster and provide a great online experience.

16.    Tous


Tous took advantage of the Magento Order Management (MOM) in order to make all their global stores coordinate with one centralized system and access a singly inventory database. By using Magento, Tous was able to scale and efficiently run a business across the globe by using an efficient order fulfillment system, payment modes, and inventory management.

On top of making it extremely efficient for customers to place and receive orders, Magento also made it possible for potential customer to find them easily online due to efficient content management and their ability to add content, they are able to roll out promotions in a timely manner and edit their content, which improved their brand visibility.

17.    Jazzercise


Jazzercise used to be in a different platform, but they needed an API that could tie their store with a better system that will allow them to prevent any syncing delays in order to prevent any discrepancies in their inventory and fulfillment. With Magento, they were able to improve customer experience with a better ERP system and were able to use a theme that enabled them to reduce costs by consolidating four websites and being able to create different views that allow them to target segments for their customer base.

18.    Riese & Müller GmbH

Riese & Müller GmbH

This bike shop made use of the Magento Commerce 2, which enabled them to make use of product configuration and pre-ordering tool, which made their e-commerce site formidable. Apart from having a stunning website with, they also made it possible for customers to directly contact the support team, which will enable them to seamlessly order a custom product without any issue.

19.    Industry West

 Industry West

Industry West made use of Magento Commerce 2.1.2 in order to build the store that they want online. With this platform, they were able to build a website that allows customers to select a project timeline for their order, their choice of color palette, and then add different components to their project. The experience is as simple as adding pins to a board in Pinterest, which efficiently allows customers to fill up their carts and become encouraged to proceed to checkout.

20.    Liebherr


Liebherr made it possible to create a website that met 3 objectives: reduce costs by making it possible for service partners and customer to easily order spare parts, speed up ordering, and improve customer journey. This was made possible by using Magento, which made it possible for them to implement complex roles that they want to tap. They made it possible for their customers to easily select products while making sure that they have the right parts. With the use of their new system, they were also able to make it possible for service partners to log into the system in order to see what their customers ordered and approve quotes.

21.    Absolut Art

Absolut Art

This Magento website design made it possible for art buyers to shop while on the go by using a Tinder-like interface that allows them to swipe through art until a match is made. The website also features artworks according to categories that allows for easier shopping.

22.    Selver




Selver.com has become a proper representation of the giant grocery chain – this website design allowed them to create a website that is responsive on all devices while promoting security by having a login system that is similar to online banking. They also made it possible for shoppers to enjoy advanced filtering system that allows users to search according to almost every possible search keyword that a consumer would use – users can search by country of origin, brand, and even specific health requirements. This type of design made Selver.com win the Most User-Friendly Online Store in Estonia.

23.    Gabor



Gabor’s Magento website is sleek with great photography and is easy to navigate, but what is truly eye-catching in their website is the “endless aisle” collection, which made it possible for in-store customers to access the entire collection on a tablet.

Gabor’s use of Magento for their frontend and their order management made it possible for them to create powerful landing pages while making it possible to link the website to their existing management systems, which made it possible for users to experience the same quality service that they would get in the company’s brick-and-mortar stores. Because all details, including stocks and orders, are forwarded to the website’s infrastructure in real time, customers get to find all relevant information in order to make decisions within a shorter amount of time.

24.    SEAT



SEAT made it possible for their target audience to experience “sporty performance” in their website by making it possible for customers on the go to browse and shop for cars on mobile device, by using out-of-the-box responsive theme for Magento. Apart from rich and hip graphics, users get to experience improved load times and ease of navigation.

25.    Neom Organics London

Neom Organics London

This Magento website design features clean fonts, lots of white spaces, and excellent loading times each time you switch to a different page. On top of an excellent frontend, Neomorganics.com also has a great backend, which allows the Neom Organics London to seamlessly move products, orders, and customers across all their systems, which allows all users to enjoy custom service and order fulfillment.

26.    Custom Plugs

Custom Plugs

Custom Plugs found the right platform in Magento, which made it possible to merge three separate online stores and still make sure that it gets all the essential features they need to stand out in the market, such as product preview and staging. What makes this website very efficient, on top of being eye-catching, is its layered navigation system and the quick-buy option that make it easy for customers to collect items in their cart.

27.    S’well


Swell.com made an excellent use of Magento’s ability to use great content management system with e-commerce, which works for a brand that aims to educate and sell at the same time. The design of this site efficiently display how fashionable S’well is as a product while making it easy for users to explore all products and add them to their carts using the site’s quick-shop feature.

28.    Soak.nl


Soak.nl makes it possible for customers to efficiently buy every bathroom item that they need, thanks to the site’s efficient product labeling. As a plus, the website also has the “complete my set” option on checkout, which features discounts when the customer purchases an entire bathroom set. To make the entire bathroom renovation experience more efficient, customers can even share their carts with a contractor.

29.   Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is probably one of the freshest-looking websites that you will see – the color pallet used in the entire website reminds you of their branding, and it even looks better on mobile devices due to its fast and responsive design. What makes this website more special is that it focuses on pushing products that specific customers will probably need – users get a beauty tip that goes with the weather prediction in their location and the ability to pick their own sample based on ingredients, skin type, and regimen.

30.   Dufry


Dufry.com is a fully-responsive website that allows airport shoppers to browse through a consistent-looking catalog that features localized products, with local pricing and taxes. Since Dufry targets travelers doing shopping before their flights, the website also integrates a pickup point based on the specific airport that the customer will be in, based on his destination.

31.   The Daily Edited

The Daily Edited

The Daily Edition reaches out to consumers that want to celebrate individuality, which is easily achieved by their website’s design – the chic look merged with luxury feel of the site matches well with the brand, which makes customers become aware of the bespoke items that the brand sells. The website also features a 3D bag builder that allows customers to immediately see what their custom order will look like even before it ships.

32.   Coyuchi


Coyuchi has launched a website that allows users to not only find products within categories, but also find items according to their interest based on their user data. Magento Business Intelligence made it possible for Coyuchi to efficiently use insights to produce customized experience on their devices, boosting the company’s revenues and improving the customer’s journey while on the website.

33.   Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks has the highest e-commerce sales year on record, and Magento made that possible. Their shop made use of a Live Chat module that allowed the store to engage with customers, and then optimized the website to load fast on every device despite heavy traffic with Zend Framework. To make the experience more efficient, they also integrated product tagging, improved search features, and One Step Checkout for easy purchasing, which made mobile shopping easier.

34.   Retail Apparel Group (RAG)

Retail Apparel Group (RAG)

RAG’s website was able to enjoy 99% increase in page views since they migrated into the Magento platform, and that increase in traffic quickly turned into conversion. RAG made it a point to completely change their site’s UX with Magento in order to display brands and their products. As a result, RAG’s main site made it possible for their brands to have their own e-commerce sites linked together, which allowed customers to find products across these brands easily. All brands follow the same rules for checkout, searching, and ordering, making customers become familiar with all stores.

35.   Virginia Hayward

Virginia Hayward

Virginia Hayward is a leader in the custom food wine basket, or hampering, which requires a unique approach when it comes to creating a website that will bring satisfactory experience to its customers. Magento Commerce was able to create the customer experience that fits this type of brand. On virginiahayward.com, customers are able to use a hamper builder that will allow them to select the look, and then choose the food and drink items that will fill the hamper that they have created. What makes this level of customization work is that it is available on a highly responsive and fast-loading site, with organized categories and an extremely functional search feature.

36.   Audio Advice

Audio Advice

Audio Advice is a stunning website that targets audiophiles that would like to have a custom experience. This type of customer experience usually happens in-store, where customers would be able to test audio products and know whether they are worth bringing home or not. The same experience is made available on audioadvice.com by making it possible for customers to create a Sound Profile, which allows customers to get gadget suggestions based on their own music and theater preferences. Customers can also easily compare suggested gadgets within the same page. With these two features, plus a highly responsive and fast website, Audio Advice was able to enjoy 220% increase in their site traffic and target high-profile brands for online distribution.

37.   Jomashop


Jomashop.com is built in such a way that it would be reliable and flexible, and is easy enough for Jomashop’s staff to operate without having to learn how to code. The Magento website design proved to be very effective in meeting these goals – they were able to integrate social media marketing and improve organic search. The shop is also extremely easy to navigate despite the brand’s ever-expanding product categories.

38.   Heildelberg


Magento made it possible for Heidelberg to create a B2B website that caters to multiple languages while catering to the business requirements, which includes complex pricing and cataloguing. At the same time, the web design encourages to browse products and learn more about every offering by integrating videos on product details and having engaging photographs and copies on every product page.

39.   Structube


Scrolling images on the home page immediately allow users to imagine what it is like to have a Structube furniture in their homes, which invites website visitors to see the entire collection. The entire website made it possible for users to experience a showroom-like experience, keeping potential customers engaged in every page that they view.

40.   Perch and Parrow

Perch and Parrow

Perch and Parrow is one of those rare companies that targeted mobile users first in their Magento website design – instead of relying on a “stacked” desktop experience converted for mobile, the design is designed for mobile users to have a bespoke experience that stimulated interaction. The entire design is optimized for swiping and scrolling, and even zooming in to see more image detail does not make the site lag.

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